1. Feels Luxurious: Your skin will love the Ultra Fine and Smooth feel of our 100% Natural Silk
  2. Allergy Friendly: Natural silk is rich in Amino Acids, so it is very skin-friendly and does not cause allergies and itching
  3. Sustainable: Because it is 100% natural your garment is 100% biodegradable so you can rest easy knowing you will leave a smaller footprint on the Earth
  4. Anti-Bacterial: Silk's fine texture makes it more difficult for bacteria and mites to stick so you stay clean
  5. Thermo-Regulating: Breathable so keeps you cool on hot days and warm in the cold
  6. Healthy and Beautiful: Won’t cause extra wrinkles and keeps moisture in your skin
  7. Versatile: Silk is lightweight and soft making it easy to layer
  8. Easy Care: Give them a quick rinse in the bathroom sink or while showering. Lay flat or hang to dry