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Meet Melissa Cricks Founder and CEO of BandaBeau

Melissa Cricks, founder and CEO of BandaBeau, shares more about the inspiration behind BandaBeau and what she does to relax and destress. Made in California, BandaBeau seeks to provide stylish solutions for beach goers. Their most well known product is the towel tamer which secures towels to lounge chairs in the wind. I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Melissa at a fashion networking event.

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How Setting a Routine Sleep Schedule Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

Did you know that 2019 Sleep Awareness Week is March 10-16th? This year's theme is "Begin with Sleep." It's about promoting the importance of healthy sleeping habits to help people achieve their goals. The National Sleep Foundation has released their 2019 Sleep in America Poll. In summary the poll shows that disciplined sleepers reap rewards.  Key Findings from the Poll: The more routine your sleep schedule is the less you will feel Physically or Emotionally impacted and the less it with impact how well you feel you can Accomplish things if there is a 1 hour departure from your normal sleep schedule. Having a consistent sleep schedule is strongly correlated with feeling well rested the next day. Those with the strictest...

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