5 Reasons Why More Sunday Silk Pajamas Sets Are The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day

Moms Silk Pajama Pillow Fight
Moms are always taking care of others so it's up to us to remind them to take care of themselves! Show your Mom or Mom-to-Be your love and appreciation for all the things that they do to ensure your safety and happiness. While you can always gift a spa day or massage, why not give a gift that makes her feel good day after day?
In celebration of the various shapes and preferences that women have, we have put together 4 different silk pajama set that are available in Black Caviar, Light Champagne, and Royal Blueberry. Different combinations of more or less coverage for tops and bottoms help to create a balanced look.
Here are 5 points on why I think it's the perfect gift for Moms or Expecting Moms. 
1. They will feel sexy without feeling like they are too revealing.
      • The soft and supple nature of silk will have your Mom feeling like a million bucks already, but the additional feminine details will have her feeling more appealing than ever!
    2. The Silk Sets have 18-Amino Acids that Nourish the skin instead of irritate it.
      • No more itchy skin! Great news for those who suffer from dry skin to eczema
    3. We are OEKO-TEX 100 Certified free from harmful chemicals that penetrate your skin dermis and negatively impact your organs.
      • Chemicals, metals and pesticides often used to create and treat clothing are sinking into your largest organ... YOUR SKIN!
      • These pollutants to your internal system may be linked to certain Cancers and Infertility issues
      • Ensuring the layer touching your skin for at least 1/3rd of your life is free from these harmful is critical always but especially when you are expecting or in contact with children
    4. The sets are as functional as they are beautiful
      • Thoughtful details such as pockets and flat front waistbands make the pajama sets multi-functional 
      • Tuck any top into any short or pant and you have a cute jumpsuit or romper
    5. There is a set for every body type!
      • Each Woman is made different and unique. Our sets have been crafted to show off or minimize various parts of the female body based on preference.

    *Tip: For expecting Moms nearing their 3rd Trimester Please size up by 1 size! Otherwise, their regular size will do. 

    A Myth Busted: Silk is not hard to take care of. You simply toss the clothes in the provided delicates bag, wash on delicate cycle and hang to dry. Voila! All clean. 
    So what are you waiting for? Shop our 100% Real Silk Pajama Gift Sets

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    "I can't emphasize how much I love sleeping, lounging and going out in my silk set. Fitted but not tight, both the top and bottom can be worn everyday...and every way. I'm obsessed! The silk is so buttery soft too."

    Ellen F.