How to Prepare for Your First Craft Fair My Tips and Lessons

Craft Fair Display Inspiration for Clothes

When you're first getting started as a business it's important to get brand exposure early on. One way to do this is by researching local craft markets that cater to your target demographic. Once you have found some upcoming maker markets that you think would showcase your product well, you should sign up! AND read carefully what kind of space and accommodations you will be provided. 

On Saturday, June 15th, I was lucky enough to be invited to join the Oak + Agave Market. The market took place in Rancho Mission Viejo at The Pavillion at the Ranch. I had never been there before so did as much research as I could get to be sure that I was prepared. The market organizers kindly noted that we must all have a white topped 10x10 pop up tent and weight bags to secure it in windy situations. They luckily left the canvas pretty open to my design in any way that I saw fit after that. 

To begin planning my set up I browsed previous market photo galleries to see that the event would be set up on a black top parking lot and that people really go all out for the market. I started by writing down what my main goal of being at the market would be. My goal was to create a retail experience for people to interact with and get to know MORE SUNDAY. My key performance indicator would be first number of people to stop by and my second would be newsletter sign ups.

In order to achieve this I knew I need to create an experience to pull people into engaging with me and the booth. I used a 3-Prong approach to do this.

1. Clear Signage

 More Sunday Brand Logo Sign at Craft Fair

2. Giveaway to Collect Newsletter Sign Ups

 Craft Fair Giveaway Newsletter Sign Up on Tablet

3. Small Interactive Activity or Free Item to Engage People

 Free Lavender Sign at Craft Fair Booth

What I Learned:

  • Giving away the lavender was a great tool to start conversations with people walking by
  • Handing them out in the walk way area was much more effective than leaving it on a table for people to grab
  • Next time i'd tie a little business card to the lavender so people can walk away with information on our site and brand
  • Bigger and clearer signage for the Giveaway would have brought more attention to it
  • Investing in the outdoor rug was a quick way to brighten up the space and invite people in
  • Creating a sign that could be put out in front of my tent would be better because in sunny conditions shadows are created making it hard to read the Brand sign in the back of the tent
  • Bring more weight bags! Winds can cause lift in signage, the curtains etc. so have ways to hold down more than just your tent

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